Full Day (Approx. 8 hours)
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City Tour
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Min. 2 to 12 People
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muscat city tour package

    Muscat City Tour- Full Day Exploration

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    muscat city tours packages Destination Muscat (Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque,Royal Opera House, Mutrah Corniche, Mutrah Souq, Al Jalali & Al Mirani Forts, Al Alam Palace, Bait Al Zubair Museum, Qasr Al Alam Royal Palace)

    muscat travel Tour Overview
    Discover the enchanting beauty and cultural riches of Muscat, Oman’s capital city, with our comprehensive full-day Muscat City Tour package. Indulge yourself in the Omani tradition as you visit iconic landmarks, historical sites, and vibrant markets. Let our knowledgeable guides take you on a journey through the heart of Muscat’s past and present. Discover exclusive vacation deals from Muscat!
    Tour Highlights:Tour Highlights

    • Grand Mosque: Marvel at the intricate architecture of the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, a masterpiece of Islamic design and a symbol of Oman’s devotion.
    • Royal Opera House: Discover the artistic essence of Muscat at the Royal Opera House, a architectural masterpiece hosting world-class performances.
    • Mutrah Corniche & Souq: Stroll along the picturesque Mutrah Corniche, and explore the bustling Mutrah Souq, where you can shop for traditional handicrafts, spices, and souvenirs.
    • Al Jalali & Al Mirani Forts: Capture stunning views of Muscat’s coastline and the azure waters of the Gulf of Oman from these historic forts.
    • Sultan’s Palace: Glimpse the grandeur of Al Alam Palace, the official residence of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, as you drive by in awe.
    • Bait Al Zubair Museum: Immerse yourself in Omani heritage at the Bait Al Zubair Museum, which showcases traditional artifacts and cultural treasures.
    • Lunch at a Local Restaurant: Savor a delicious lunch at a local eatery, savoring Omani cuisine.
    • Qasr Al Alam Royal Palace: Admire the exterior of the majestic Qasr Al Alam Royal Palace, renowned for its impressive gates and lush surrounding gardens.
    • Transportation in a comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle
    • Entrance fees to attractions
    • Services of an experienced English/Arabic speaking Guide cum Driver throughout the tour
    • Picnic lunch with traditional Omani dishes
    • Snacks 
    • Bottled water
    • Additional meals or snacks not mentioned in the itinerary
    • Extra Adventures and Activities Not Included in the Itinerary
    • Tips and gratuities for guides, drivers, and staff are not covered and should be given at your discretion (Optional)
    • Personal expenses
    muscat trip Terms & Conditions:
    • Booking: Advance booking is recommended to secure your spot. Confirmation of your booking will be provided as soon as you complete the reservation process.
    • Payment: Full payment is required at the time of booking. Payment method (Online Payment, Bank Transfer, Western Union)
    • Cancellation Policy: Cancellations made 48 hours or more before the tour receive a full refund. No refunds will be issued for cancellations made within 48 hours of the scheduled booking.
    • Weather: Tours are subject to weather conditions. In case of cancellation due to adverse weather, an alternative date or full refund will be offered.
    • Travel Documents: Ensuring you possess essential travel documents, such as passports, visas, and permits, is your responsibility.
    • Health and Safety: Your safety is more important to us. Please adhere to all safety guidelines and follow instructions provided by your guide to ensure a safe and enjoyable tour experience.
    • Insurance: For added protection, we highly recommend obtaining comprehensive travel insurance that includes coverage for health, trip cancellation, and unforeseen risks.
    • Liability: We hold no responsibility for loss, injury, or property damage during the tour, except in cases of our negligence.
    • Child Policy: Child under 5 years are admitted free of charge. Special pricing is available for individuals aged between 5 and 12 years.
    • Photography: Respect local photography regulations and privacy. Always ask permission before capturing photographs of individuals.


    muscat toursAdditional Information:
    • Duration: Full day (approximately 8-10 hours)
    • Difficulty Level: Easy
    • What to Bring: Sunscreen, hat, camera, and a sense of adventure.
    muscat toursPoints to Note for European Travelers:
    • Numerous flight options are accessible from major European cities to Muscat International Airport for convenient travel.
    • The best time to visit Oman is during the cooler months, from October to April. This offers pleasant weather (around 20-25°C) perfect for outdoor activities and escaping the European winter.
    • Indulge in the tantalizing flavors of Omani cuisine, rich with Middle Eastern influences,promising a delightful culinary journey tailored for European tastes.
    • Immerse yourself in Oman’s illustrious past, tracing its ancient maritime trade routes that connecting Europe with the Middle East.
    • Rest assured with access to top-tier healthcare facilities and a range of travel insurance options, ensuring a worry-free experience during your journey.
    • Due to favorable exchange rates, Oman presents an attractive economic opportunity for European travelers. The strong Euro and other major currencies currently hold a significant advantage in Oman, making it a budget-friendly destination when compared to other popular tourist locations. This translates into significant savings on travel experiences, allowing visitors to enjoy a wider range of activities and cultural immersion during their trip.

    muscat city tour package

    Muscat – The Best place for sightseeing

    Muscat, the capital of Oman, is one of the top destinations to visit when it comes to sightseeing. Muscat offers you various attractions that is sure to blow your mind. Its rich cultural heritage, beautiful architecture, and attractive surroundings are sure to make your trip worthwhile.

    vacation deals from muscat

    Muscat City Tour : A Full day Exploration

    As the sun rises over Muscat, our journey begins with the promise of a day filled with discovery and excitement. A Full Day Muscat City Tour is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the beauty and charm of this coastal gem.

    Our Muscat City Tour Package is created so that you can have a deep look at the city’s key attractions over a full day. All taxes and service fees are included. We provide a qualified English-speaking guide, relaxing air-conditioned transportation, entrance fees to sights, a delicious lunch at a nearby restaurant, along with bottled water and beverages. Your skilled English and Arabic-speaking guide will be with you the entire time, to enhance your experience with their insights and knowledge.

    Full Day Muscat City Tour

    Top Attractions in Muscat


    1. Grand Mosque: The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, a genuine marvel of Islamic architecture and a representation of Oman’s unwavering dedication, is a great place to start your exploring excursion. Admire the elegant details and peaceful atmosphere.
    2. Royal Opera House: If you want to get a taste of Muscat’s creative side, you can fully immerse yourself in the arts and culture. Thanks to the world-class performances that are held in this architectural marvel, the Royal Opera House also features magnificent designs.
    3. Mutrah Corniche market: Stroll along the scenic Mutrah Corniche, where the sea meets the city, and explore the bustling market. You can purchase local products, spices, and handicrafts while taking in the culture.
    4. Al Jalali and Al Mirani Forts: They stand like lone beacons guarding the city, and offer spectacular panoramic views of Muscat’s shoreline and the azure seas of the Gulf of Oman.
    5. Sultan’s Palace: As you pass by the magnificent Al Alam Palace, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos’ official palace, you’ll notice its majesty and the exquisitely landscaped grounds that surround it.
    6. Bait Al Zubair Museum: At the Bait Al Zubair Museum, you may immerse yourself in Oman’s rich cultural legacy while learning about its history and customs via the presentation of traditional items and cultural treasures.
    7. Meal at a Local Restaurant: Experience the gastronomic splendor of the Omani region with a sumptuous meal at a nearby restaurant.
    8. Qasr Al Alam Royal Palace: Take a look at the majestic Palace from the outside that features big gates and the vibrant gardens that surround it.

    Muscat Day Tours

    Muscat Day Tours: Crafting Unforgettable Memories

    Muscat Day Tours are meticulously designed to showcase the city’s diverse facets. From the historical wonders to the modern marvels, every corner has a story to tell. Our carefully curated Muscat city tour packages ensure that you don’t miss any of the highlights.

    muscat tours

    Experiencing Omani Cuisine


    • Local Food Markets: Sample fresh ingredients and traditional Omani dishes for a culinary delight.
    • Traditional Omani Restaurants: Indulge in an authentic dining experience featuring flavorful spices and warm hospitality.
    • Cooking Classes: Engage in hands-on experiences to learn traditional recipes and partake in a cultural exchange through food.

    Muscat Tours & Excursions


    When to visit Muscat Oman

    The best time to visit Muscat Oman is during October to April when the climate will be cool and best for outdoor activities. These months give you comfortable temperatures with clear skies that make it worthwhile to go sightseeing and enjoy the beauty of Oman.

    Muscat Oman City Tour

    Expert Advice and Guidance


    • Dress modestly: When visiting religious sites such as the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque or interacting with locals, it’s essential to dress modestly to show respect for local customs and traditions. For both men and women, clothing should cover shoulders and knees.
    • Stay hydrated: Muscat’s climate can be hot and dry, especially during the summer months. Ensure you carry plenty of water with you during your city tour to stay hydrated throughout the day.
    • Respect cultural norms: Oman has a rich cultural heritage, and it’s crucial to respect local customs and traditions. Avoid public displays of affection, especially during Ramadan, and refrain from taking photographs of people without their permission.
    • Book a guided tour: To make the most of your Muscat city tour and gain insights into the city’s history, culture, and hidden gems, consider booking a guided tour with a knowledgeable local guide. They can provide valuable information and help navigate the city more efficiently.
    • Plan your itinerary: Muscat is a vibrant city with numerous attractions to explore. Plan your itinerary in advance to ensure you cover the must-see sights such as the Grand Mosque, Muttrah Souq, and Royal Opera House Muscat, while also leaving time to wander and discover the city’s charms at your own pace.
    • Be mindful of the sun: Oman experiences intense sunlight, so it’s essential to protect yourself from sunburn and heat exhaustion. Wear sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses, and seek shade whenever possible, especially during the peak hours of sunlight.
    • Embrace local cuisine: Muscat offers a diverse culinary scene with delicious Omani dishes to try. Be adventurous and sample local specialties such as shuwa (slow-cooked lamb), Omani halwa (a sweet dessert), and fresh seafood at local restaurants and cafes.
    • Engage with locals: One of the best ways to experience Muscat is by interacting with locals. Strike up conversations, ask for recommendations, and immerse yourself in the warm hospitality of Omani people. You’ll gain insights into local life and culture that you won’t find in guidebooks.

    Muscat Tours & Trips

    Closing Thoughts 

    In conclusion, a Full Day Muscat City Tour offers a diverse range of experiences, from cultural and historical landmarks to culinary delights and outdoor adventures. The richness of Omani heritage and hospitality shines through, making it a truly unforgettable journey.

    Muscat Tourism Packages

    Why Go Oman for your Muscat City Tour Package: Vacation deals from Muscat

    Selecting Go Oman for your Muscat City Tour Package means deciding on quality and dependability. From the moment you reserve your tour until the very end of your excursion, we are committed to giving you a remarkable experience. Your tour of Muscat’s treasures will be unique and pleasurable because of our qualified guides, plush vehicles, and attention to detail.

    With Go Oman, explore Muscat’s attractions and set out on a journey that will leave you with enduring impressions of Oman’s thriving culture and stunning vistas.

    So, why wait? Call us today at +96879959025 to book your trip to Oman…!!!!

    Remember, a full day Muscat city tour promises a blend of tradition, history, culture, and natural beauty, providing a truly enriching travel experience. Enjoy your journey through the Jewel of Oman.


    Frequently Asked Questions about Muscat City Tour- Full Day Exploration

    • What are the must-visit attractions in Muscat City?
      The Grand Mosque, Royal Opera House, Muttrah Souq, Sultan's Palace, Al Jalali Fort, and Al Mirani Fort are among the top attractions.
    • How long does the Muscat City Tour typically last?
      A full-day exploration tour usually lasts around 8-10 hours, depending on the itinerary and the pace of the group.
    • Is transportation provided during the tour?
       Yes, transportation is commonly provided as part of the tour package. It may be a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle with a knowledgeable guide.
    • Can I customize the itinerary to suit my preferences?
      Some tour operators offer customizable itineraries, allowing travelers to tailor their experience based on their interests and preferences. However, this may depend on the specific tour package and the operator.
    • Is photography allowed at all attractions?
      Photography is generally allowed at most attractions, but it's important to respect any signage or rules regarding photography, especially in religious sites.
    • Are entrance fees included in the tour price?
      Entrance fees to attractions are usually included in the tour price, but it's best to confirm with the tour operator to avoid any surprises.
    • Is English-speaking guide available throughout the tour?
      Yes, most tours provide English-speaking guides who offer insights into the history, culture, and significance of the various attractions.
    • Are meals included in the tour package?
      Typically, meals are included in the tour package. However, there are stops at local restaurants or cafes where travelers can purchase food and drinks.
    • Is the tour appropriate for both children and elderly travelers?
      The tour can be enjoyable for both children and elderly travelers, but it's essential to consider the amount of walking and the pace of the tour.




    • Our expert guide will pick you up from your Muscat hotel.
    • Start your day of exploration in the comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle.

    • Visit the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, a stunning architectural masterpiece.
    • Admire the intricate Islamic design, exquisite craftsmanship, and the grand prayer hall.

    • Experience cultural elegance at the Royal Opera House Muscat.
    • Marvel at the opulent architecture and learn about its role in Oman's art scene.

    • Take a relaxed walk along the Mutrah Corniche.
    • Dive into the lively ambiance of the Mutrah Souq, where you can browse for traditional handicrafts, spices, and souvenirs.
    • Capture breathtaking panoramic views of the Gulf of Oman.
    • Discover the history of Al Jalali and Al Mirani Forts, perched dramatically on Muscat's hills.
    • Savor a delightful lunch at a local eatery, experiencing the flavors of Omani cuisine.

    • Explore the Bait Al Zubair Museum, showcasing Omani heritage through artifacts, costumes, and displays.

    • View the majestic Qasr Al Alam Royal Palace from outside, known for its iconic gates and lush gardens.
    • Enjoy some free time to relax or explore independently.
    • Alternatively, engage in an optional activity to enhance your experience (sand art, local crafts, etc.).

    • Embark on a scenic drive to continue exploring Muscat's landmarks.
    • Arrive back at your hotel, reflecting on the enriching experiences of the day.
    • Dress code: Modest clothing for mosque visit (long sleeves and pants/skirts)
    • Comfortable walking shoes are recommended
    • Bookings: Advance booking is recommended to secure your spot
    • Operational days: Available on select days of the week
    • Private tours available upon request
    The timing and attractions in the itinerary are fictional and for demonstration purposes. Actual itineraries may vary based on tour operator offerings and operational considerations.
    Immerse yourself in Muscat's history, culture, and modernity through our Full Day Muscat City Tour. Contact us to book your spot and embark on a journey of discovery.

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